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What Is Flipoto?

Meet your next photo booth...

...that's not a photo booth

Go beyond the traditional photo booth: Flipoto creates animated GIFs, giving your guests a new way to one up each other all night.

The open-air design and large battery pack lets you set up anywhere in minutes and party for hours.

Flipoto is customizable to the core. After creating an event, the self-service tools at make it easy to customize the look and feel of your event. Moderate content on-the-fly to showcase favorite flipotos or hide others that get too crazy.

Flipoto Sharing Examples

Flipoto is Built for Sharing

Wow. You look awesome.

After taking a flipoto, you can enter an email or phone number to receive link. Simply click to view and share your masterpiece.

Using our self-service event setup, you can completely customize the look and feel of your page and even set the message or hashtag used when guests post to social media.

Probably the most fun part of Flipoto is the real-time grid display. The grid is updated with flipotos as they are created, adding a unique element to every event. Whether using the Flipoto Projection Kit or any other internet connected device, viewing your grid is as simple as launching an internet browser and logging into

After your event is over, share your Flipoto feed link and relive the fun.

Have Flipoto At Your Next Event

Looking to have Flipoto at your next event? Great!

You don't need to buy your own Flipoto Kit, but can party with one of our awesome vendors instead.

While Flipoto was born and raised in the District of Columbia, we have a growing network of photographers and event professionals who are eager to make this happen.

Enter your zip code to find one in your area!

Join the Flipoto Family

Flipoto was designed with photographers and event professionals in mind

  • Lightweight, Compact, Portable

    Kits come packed in custom MIL-C-4150J, IP67, and MIL-STD 810F compliant cases for rugged, worry-free transport.

  • Simple Setup

    Twist, click, plug. Tool-free assembly is quick and easy. Zero to Flipoto in under a minute!

  • Turnkey

    Kits come packed with everything you need to get started.

  • Wireless

    Flipoto is battery powered for hours of mobile, cord-free action.

  • Self-Service

    With you have the control to add new clients and create, manage, and customize new events.

  • Hassle-Free Hosting

    Events automatically generate feed and share pages. All uploaded flipotos are hosted for you.

  • Flipoto Kit

  • LED Light Case

    A custom case with a built-in LED lighting system that is controlled by the iPad

  • Pre-Configured iPad

    Pre-configured and loaded with the companion app

  • Battery Pack

    23000mAh battery pack provides enough power to run the LED lights and iPad for hours

  • Stand

    A stable steel base and modular, lightweight uprights are sleek and easy to assemble

  • Rugged Case

    Custom MIL-SPEC wheeled case makes for a fast getaway at the end of the night

  • Projection Kit

  • HD Projector

    Short-throw design helps minimize footprint and maximize impact

  • Compute Stick

    Windows 10 in a tiny package that plugs directly into the projector

  • Mini-Bluetooth Keyboard

    Wireless connectivity allows you to remotely control the projector

  • Stand

    A stable steel base and modular, lightweight uprights are sleek and easy to assemble

  • Rugged Case

    Custom MIL-SPEC wheeled case makes for a fast getaway at the end of the night

iPad is a registered trademark of Apple. Apple does not directly endorse this product.

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